Connecting & Support Facilities

The State has 8 National Highways and 58 State Highways. Roads connecting many of the Minor and Intermediate Ports with the hinterland are not equipped for heavy vehicles. The Government will therefore co-ordinate with the investor and other relevant agencies to achieve necessary rail and road linkages and will facilitate the process by acquisition of land etc. for this purpose. Government would also facilitate availability of electricity, water and other utilities.

Promote Port based and marine Industries

Government of Kerala, besides acting as a catalyst for establishment of ship repair and ship building industries would also encourage other port based industries contributing to the development of ports. This would include Warehouses, Container Freight Stations, Tourism Complex, and Captive Power Plants etc.

Coastal Shipping

The Government of Kerala intends to provide a boost to coastal shipping with the development of Ports along the coast, which would ease the burden on the heavily congested highways in the State, apart from savings in transportation cost. Towards above Government of Kerala would facilitate development of necessary infrastructure facilities & linkages to the identified Intermediate & Minor Ports.

Establish Pillars of Learning in the sector

In view of the development connected with shipping, considerable interest would be generated for ship and marine related employment opportunities. The Government therefore proposes to establish a Maritime Training Institute in the State, which would cater to the training and certification needs of the industry. The Government would encourage the private sector for the above and would extend necessary assistance including access to waterfront.

Captive jetties

In order to promote setting up of new industries as well as support to existing units the Government of Kerala will permit users to construct jetties in order to operate captive facilities.

Provision of Dredging services

Since it is essential to maintain adequate depths for the smooth operations of a port the Government of Kerala maintains dredgers in some of the ports. These dredgers are capable of attaining minimum required depths.




Name of ports and location:

Depth Facilties Available

Lat. 80 22’ N
Long. 760 57’ E.

Wharf depth 5m
Basin depth 6.0m

 Breakwaters and calm basin, basin depth of  6m; Cargo wharf of 80m in length; One mobile crane, 1.5/10 MT Capacity ; Transit shed, 300 sq.m ;       one small tug;  road access available.

Lat. 80 29’ N
Long. 760 57 E.

Anchorage Port;

Depth 18m.


Pier 240m in length, 6m depth at the end;      Four godowns of 325 sq.m each;       Open stacking area of 1200 sq.m; Road access available.

KOLLAM (Thankasserry)
Lat. 80  56’ N
Long. 760 34’ E.

Depth 6m.

breakwaters and calm basin, basin depth of 6m;   godowns of  750 sq.m;  road access available.

Lat. 80 56’ N
Long. 760 32’E

Inside breakwaters 2.5m;

Anchorage Port.


breakwaters and calm basin for barges, lighters etc. basin depth 2-3m;  RCC wharf 70m in length ; one closed godown, 300 sq.m;four nos. self-propelled barges of 200-T capacity each;   one 10-T bollard pull tug and one small tug; road access available.

Lat. 90 30’ N
Long. 760 19’ E.

Anchorage port;

one pier 387m in length, 5m water at the end.  Three pairs of trolley lines and 108 trollies for cargo movement on the pier;   road access available.

Lat. 100 11’ N
Long. 760 10’ E.

 breakwaters and calm  
basin available

Lat. 100  47’ N
Long. 750 55’ E.

2m on sand bar.

RCC wharf 294m long and 24m broad;       one closed godown of 300 sq.m; open stacking area of 5000 sq.m. ;road access available.

Lat. 110 08’ N
Long. 750 51’ E.


 breakwaters and calm basin for small vessels;wharf 152m in length, depth alongside 3-4m; five nos. wharf cranes – 3-T capacity each;two godowns of 600 tons capacity; two nos. small tugs;       Another tug under construction; 12 ton bollard pull; road access available.

Lat. 110 15’ N
Long. 750 46’ E.

Open roadstead.

five nos. closed godowns having total area of 630 sq.m and open cargo shed of  450 sq.m; road access available.

Lat. 110 51’ N
Long. 750 29’ E.

Open roadstead. two godowns of 150 sq.m.

Lat. 110 51’ N
Long. 750 22’ E.

Open roadstead. one godown of 133 sq.m.

Lat. 110 56’ N
Long. 750 17’ E.


breakwaters under construction, calm basin available with average depth of 5m ; RCC jetty 38m long; one hand-operated crane; one 200 hp tug;  large extent of vacant land available for acquisition and development.

Lat. 120 29’ N
Long. 740 59’ E

1.5m on the sand bar. No infrastructure facilities.  There is scope of reclamation of approx. 100 acres of land, which can be utilised for providing in infrastructure facilities.


  Green field site.


  Green field site.


  Green field site.


  Green field site.







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