Objectives of Government Of Kerala that are proposed to be addressed through this Port Policy are:

(1) Increase the share of the State of Kerala in maritime trade of India. Kerala shall target a place among the top three maritime States of the Country in terms of cargo handled in the next ten years i.e. by the year 2014.

(2) Facilitate achievement of optimal multi-modal transport and logistic chain outcomes by establishing an efficient and commercially viable water transport system. This will be achieved by carrying out a coordinated development of multi-purpose ports, transshipment hubs, inland waterways, coastal shipping, inland terminals, cargo handling and storage facilities, railways and road linkages.

(3) Promote port-based and marine industries.

(4) Ensure protection of environment and coastal zones.

(5) Promote establishment of passenger terminals & marinas.

(6) Invite and encourage private sector participation in ports, support services and other infrastructure on commercial basis in order to fulfill the objectives of this Policy.








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